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Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems

Sixth International Workshop

In conjunction with the SOCS Project dissemination workshop

City University London, UK, June 27-29, 2005


CLIMA VI had an exceptional number of participants. We interpret this success as a sign that the CLIMA community is growing stronger and wider, and an evidence of the importance of the role of Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems. We would like to thank our Programme Committee for making this event possible, the sponsorship provided by the SOCS project, AgentLink, and the ALP, the invited speaker Bob Kowalski, the speakers of the SOCS dissemination event, the invited tutorialists, the organisers of the CLIMA Contest, the local CLIMA organisation, and all delegates, who never failed to show interest in the activities of these three days, for their enthusiastic feedback about the event.

CLIMA VII will be held in Japan, in co-location with AAMAS 2006.

News and numbers

  • The CLIMA VI book is now published by Springer-Verlag in the State-of-the-art Surveys subline of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence! Full citation: Sixth International Workshop, CLIMA VI, City University London, UK, June 27-29, 2005. Revised Selected and Invited Papers. Vol. 3900 of Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Francesca Toni and Paolo Torroni, editors, 2006. XVII, 427 p., Softcover. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. ISSN: 0302-9743, ISBN: 3-540-33996-5 (about this book) (electronic edition).
  • CLIMA VI had a record 60 registered participants!
  • CLIMA VI proceedings online (download proceedings) (download table of contents)
  • The financial support to CLIMA VI provided by the SOCS project, AgentLink, and the ALP resulted in 19 scholarships
  • The post-proceedings of CLIMA VI and a number of invited articles will be published as a volume of the Springer LNAI series
  • The post-proceedings of CLIMA V are now available as vol. 3487 of LNAI (download order form)
  • The winners of the the First CLIMA Contest are, ex-aequo,

Aims and Scope

Multi-Agent Systems are communities of problem-solving entities that can perceive and act upon their environments to achieve their individual goals as well as joint goals. The work on such systems integrates many technologies and concepts in artificial intelligence and other areas of computing as well as other disciplines.

Although commonly implemented by means of imperative languages, mainly for reasons of efficiency, agent-related concepts have recently increased their influence in the research and development of Computational Logic based systems.

Computational Logic provides a well-defined, general, and rigorous framework for studying syntax, semantics and procedures for individual agents and multi-agent systems, for attending implementations, environments, tools, and standards, and for linking together specification and verification of properties of individual agents and multi-agent systems.

In particular, the purposes of this CLIMA are:

  1. to present state-of-the-art research, based on CL, aimed at representing, programming and reasoning about agents and MAS in a formal way,
  2. to further promote CL in MAS and disseminate recent advances in the area to researchers and students, and
  3. to discuss and confront techniques and approaches to CL/MAS-based problem modelling and solving in an informal and inspiring environment.

To this end, the organization of CLIMA VI will provide scholarships to students who wish to attend, and will offer a number of tutorials on several aspects of CL-based MAS modelling and programming. CLIMA VI will also host the First CLIMA Contest, organized by Mehdi Dastani and Jürgen Dix.


            CLIMA VI London
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